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Updated on 07.25.2024

Flights - You Pick Four - $15

1. Isaiah - Saison (6.5%ABV)

5oz $3.50 / 12oz $9 • Mohegan Lake, NY

Malty yet refreshing and light bodied with hints of stone fruit, citrus and spice.

2. Duncan's Abbey Tarrytown Belgian Dubbel (7% ABV) 

5oz $3.50 / 12oz $9 • Tarrytown, NY

Dubbel Ale that pairs the floral notes of local wildflower honey with stone fruit flavors from New York specialty malts.

3. Duncan's Abbey Toby - Belgian Strong Blond Ale (9% ABV)
5oz $3.50 / 12oz $9 • Tarrytown, NY
A Belgian strong ale that balances layers of flavor from American hoppiness and a smooth Belgian flavor.

4. Elders - Flanders Brown Ale (6% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY

A robust character, its full bodied essence crafted through the fermentation process with a select brewer's yeast, imparting a delightful sourness.  

5. Sanctuary - Sour New England IPA (5% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY

Bright citrus tartness with a tropical hop note; slightly sour and refreshingly acidic.

6. Crimson - Irish Red Ale (4.6% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY

This deep reddish copper ale has a caramel malty taste with notes of buttered toast and toffee and a smooth medium-dry finish. 

7. Genesis - Kölsch (4.6% ABV) 

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY

German inspired Kölsch with biscuit and malty notes.

8. Sinner - Black IPA (7.3% ABV) 

5oz $3.50 / Pint $9 • Mohegan Lake, NY

A black IPA with the perfect balance of dark roasted malts paired with a delicious hoppy bitterness.

9. Colossus - Double IPA (8.2% ABV) 

5oz $3.50 / Pint $10 • Mohegan Lake, NY

A bronze-orange brew that balances bitterness with the richness of caramel malt. Generous hopstand and dry hop additions deliver resinous notes that are sure to satisfy those who crave intense and bold flavors.



Untitled design.png
Untitled design.png

Downeast Unfiltered Original Hard Cider $9

5% ABV • Boston, MA

Unfiltered hard apple cider.

Downeast Blueberry Hard Cider $9

5% ABV • Boston, MA

Apple cider infused with fresh blueberries. 



Hard Seltzer Slushie $9

5% ABV • Mohegan Lake NY

Hard Seltzer blended with mango or cherry fruit purée and transformed into a slushie.

Heaven N Hell $13

Rum, hard cider, lime juice, bitters, ginger beer with a lime slice.  

Maple Bourbon Sour $13

Bourbon, maple syrup, bitters and lemon juice with orange and Amarena cherries garnish. 


Holy Water $14

Vodka, sake, triple sec, lime and white cranberry juices with a lime slice.

Citrus Gimlet $13

Gin or Vodka, lemon, lime and orange juices, with simple syrup and a citrus zest garnish.


Espresso Martini $15

Vodka, Kahlúa, Espresso with a coffee bean garnish.  

Summer Sangria $12

Chardonnay, Peach Schnapps, Bourbon, Rum with fresh fruit.

Spicy Margarita $13

Tequila, triple sec, jalapeño juice, agave nectar with a lime garnish. 

Mojito $13

Rum, lime juice, simple syrup and lime garnish.



House Red $12

House White $12

House Prosecco $12

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