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UPDATED: 11/30/2023

Flights - You Pick Four - $12

1. Keg & Lantern Greeneyes - West Coast IPA (7% ABV)
5oz $3.50 / Pint $9 • Brooklyn, NY

Hoppy aroma Westy with a nice bitter finish brewed with Cascade, Columbus, Citra, Centennial and Simcoe hops.

2. Duncan's Abbey Toby - Belgian Strong Blond Ale (9% ABV)
5oz $3.50 / 12oz $9  • Tarrytown, NY
A Belgian strong ale that balances layers of flavor from American hoppiness and a smooth Belgian flavor. 

3. Keg and Lantern Highway to Helles - Lager (4.9% ABV)
5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Brooklyn, NY
Light in aroma and flavor with subtle notes of German hops aroma and Munich malt. 

4. Judas - Bavarian Märzen (5.7% ABV)
5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY
Bavarian style Märzen that is a malt rich lager with a slight hop bitterness, toasted bread flavors and caramel notes.

5. Duncan's Abbey Tarwe Town - Wheat Ale (6.5% ABV)
5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, NY

Light-bodied winter wheat with a creamy white head giving off an aroma of clove with an underlying hint of flowers. 

6. Chronicles - Festbier (5.4% ABV)
5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, New York
Traditional Festbier w
ith a fruity note in the finish. 

7. Psalm 100:4 - Pumpkin Ale (5.6% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8 • Mohegan Lake, New York

A crisp unfiltered autumn ale with cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin. Perfect with a costume on or at the holiday table. 

8. Duncan's Abbey - Tarrytown Belgian Dubbel (7% ABV)
5oz $3.50 / Pint $9 • Tarrytown, NY
Dubbel Ale that pairs the floral notes of local wildflower honey with stone fruit flavors from New York specialty malts. 

9. Duncan's Abbey - Belgian Style Quadrupel (12% ABV)
5oz $5.00 / 8oz $9 • Tarrytown, NY
You'll taste a rich, unfiltered ale that balances a robust alcohol content with floral fruity notes.



Downeast Strawberry Cider $9

5% ABV • Boston, MA

Jam packed with fresh, sweet strawberry flavor. You're a loaf of bread and some peanut butter shy of a picnic.

Downeast Blackberry Cider $9

5% ABV • Boston, MA

Apple cider infused with fresh blackberries. 

Naked Flock Smashed Cherry Mead $9

5% ABV • Warwick, NY

Honey wine fermented with tart cherry juice, semi dry.



Heaven N Hell $13

Rum, hard cider, lime juice, bitters, ginger beer with a lime slice.  

Maple Bourbon Sour $13

Bourbon, maple syrup, bitters and lemon juice with orange and Amarena cherries garnish. 


Holy Water $14

Vodka, sake, triple sec, lime and white cranberry juices with a lime slice.

Argonne Rose Beerita $13

Tequila, triple sec, lager, lime juice with salt and a lime slice.

Espresso Martini $15

Vodka, Kahlúa, Espresso with a coffee bean garnish.  


The Ugly Duckling - Liquid Fables $12

Grapefruit Gimlet



House Red $10

House White $10


House Prosecco $10

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