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UPDATED: 5/30/2023

Flights - You Pick Four - $12

Resurrection - IPA (6.8% ABV)

5oz $3.5 / Pint $9

Our take on the classic west coast IPA. Slightly malty with strong aromas of citrus and grapefruit on the front, followed by smooth notes of tangerine and passion fruit ending with a grapefruit bitter.



The Gnostic - NEIPA (7.7% ABV)

5oz $3.5 / Pint $9

Slightly hazy, sweet, light, and fruity with a smooth bitter on the end. This New England is a balance of East Coast meets West Coast. Dry hopped with a hefty dose of Denali and Idaho Gem for pungent notes of pineapple, citrus, candy, and pine.

​9 Circles - Helles Lager (4.8% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8

Golden medium-bodied German-style lager with a touch of malty sweetness balanced with Hallertau Mittelfrüh and Magnum hops.


St. Isidore - Saison (6.5% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8

Malty yet refreshing and light-bodied with hints of stone fruit, citrus, and spice.


St. Clare - Belgian blonde (7% ABV)

5oz $3.5 / Pint $9

Golden blond with slight malt sweetness and signature Belgian yeast character.

Redemption - Belgian Pale Ale (6% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8

Brewed with wheat and Belgian candi sugar this is a take on an old-time classic with a Belgian twist. Stone fruit characters of plumb and peach, sweet start, mildly dry finish with a touch of spice on the end. ​

​Emulative Monk - Doppelbock (7.9% ABV)

5oz $3.5 / Pint $9

Slightly sweet and malty German lager with mild hints of dark fruit, chocolate, and toast.


Light in Darkness - Schwarzbier (5.1% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8

A dark beer that is deceptively light in body and taste.  Notes of coffee and dark chocolate with a smooth finish.

​Maewyn - Irish Stout (5.4% ABV)

5oz $3.25 / Pint $8

Brewed with dark roasted barley, strong dark coffee, and chocolate notes with a crisp, dry finish.



Original Sin Dry Rose Cider $9

6.5% ABV • New York, New York

A cider made with proprietary blend of freshly pressed New York apples. OS Dry Rosé features a beautiful light pink color with a delicate nose, refreshing acidity and a smooth semi-dry finish.



Liquid Fables The Boy Who Cried Wolf $12

5.5% ABV • Beacon, NY

Vodka, Strawberry and Ginger. Crisp. 12oz.

Liquid Fables Tortoise and the Hare $12

7.0% ABV • Beacon, NY

Vodka, Lemon and Mint. Refreshing. 12oz.

Liquid Fables The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse $12

6.5% ABV • Beacon, NY

Gin, Blueberry and Basil. Savory. 12oz.

Liquid Fables The Ugly Duckling $12

7.5% ABV • Beacon, NY

Vodka, Grapefruit & Lime. Citrus. 12oz.

Liquid Fables Summer in a Can $12

9% ABV • Beacon, NY

Vodka Sangria with Peach, Pear, and Orange. 12oz.



Benmarl Stainless Steel Chardonnay $12

12% ABV • Marlboro, NY

Soft acidity, crisp apple and papaya. 8oz.

Benmarl Slate Hill Red $12

12% ABV • Marlboro, NY

This Bordeaux Blend is made from Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, all sourced in New York State. Notes of blackberry, cassis, and a touch of oak on the nose. 8oz.

Archer Roose™ Bubbly Prosecco $12

10.5% ABV • Boston, MA

Crisp and dry. Fruit-forward notes of pear and apple. White flowers on the nose. 8oz.

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