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Argonne Rose Brewing Company: New Craft Brewery and Gastropub Coming to Northern Westchester

October 20, 2022

Mahopac News

Halston Media Group

An exciting change is Coming to Northern Westchester. Mohegan Lake will soon be the home of Argonne Rose Brewing Company, a high-quality craft brewery and gastropub.

Argonne Rose Brewing Company was founded by a team of four people, dedicated to bringing a unique social experience to the area.

The new brewery, owned by Marc and Sarah Capichioni, Dave Pearl and Pete Martine, is located in the historic St. George's Church, which first opened its doors in 1911. Revitalizing this timeless location is important to Argonne Rose's owners as Marc Capichioni, Pearl and Martine are all self-proclaimed history buffs. The inspiration behind the name Argonne Rose traces back to the Argonne Forest, the site of a pivotal battle that many say changed the course of World War I.

Master brewer Martine commented on his brewing process, "The beers being offered are paying homage to age-old brewing traditions while incorporating modern science, flavors and methods, creating brews that are the best of both worlds."

The whole team behind Argonne Rose Brewing Company has set their vision and their standards high. Marc Capichioni mentions, "The community can count on us for amazing food and a great night out!" While Pearl adds, "Absolutely! Argonne Rose will soon be honored to welcome all with open doors, open arms, and full glasses."

All signs are pointing toward this new establishment becoming a highlight of Northern Westchester's social culture.


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