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Our name comes from a few places: Argonne, as in the pivotal battle of World War I in the Argonne Forest which pushed the Germans out of Belgium and France, helping change the course of the war and allowing the iconic beer region to rebuild. They added "rose" to the name to pay homage to the United States' national flower as well as its symbolism with love and passion. Thus the name Argonne Rose Brewing Company™ was born.

ARBC Blackboard Background.jpg


Our building was constructed as St. George's Church between 1911 and 1912 by a prominent local resident, Aimee LaFarge-Heins. Her brother was John LaFarge, a noted American artist and author. The church was designed to memorialize him and his brother-in-law, George Heins, and was dedicated as such in 1912. Prior to its renovation, St. George's had stained glass windows created by John LaFarge which now reside at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Shrub Oak.

While most of the original furnishings from the church have been removed, you can find a couple of original LaFarge windows up high in the rafters in the gable fields and in the walls of what was the nave, as well as the original tile mosaic floors which can still be found in our lobby and in front of the stage.

Our building was last used as a church in 1983 and was converted into a restaurant in the early 2000s. We consider ourselves to be incredibly fortunate that we are stewards of such an incredible space, and we try to incorporate that history into everything we do.

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