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A New Craft Brewery has Arrived in The Hudson Valley

Located in the Historic St. George's Church
1715 East Main Street, Mohegan Lake, NY, 10547



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It all started when…

Marc and Dave dreamed of owning a Biergarten in the Hudson Valley, bringing a new experience and destination to the region. Peter, a master brewer, had been preparing to open a brewery and was scouring locations in Westchester County. 

Marc and Dave never envisioned opening a brewery, while Peter strictly focused on brewing amazing beer. Neither considered the other elements of the operation until fate brought them together one day while they were touring locations and meeting to discuss their different concepts by chance. They joined together, no longer following different parallel paths to pursue their unified vision…

A Rose Would Smell Just as Sweet

Dave, Peter and Marc being history enthusiasts liked the name Argonne from its reference to the pivotal battle of World War I in the Argonne Forest. This battle pushed the Germans out of Belgium and France and helped change the course of the war allowing this iconic beer region to rebuild. They added "rose" to the name to pay homage to the United States' national flower as well as its symbolism with love and passion. Thus the name Argonne Rose Brewing Company was born.

With the partnership secured, the journey through a myriad of counties, towns, and buildings ended at a location that surpassed all expectations - a beautiful historic church that had been left dormant. The group believed the marriage between the history of religion, monasteries, and monks making beer was a match made in heaven.

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Argonne Rose Brewing Company brings history to the present by paying homage to age-old beer brewing traditions while incorporating modern science and methods. The location embodies a reimagined brewery experience complete with a redesigned historic location paired with unique event opportunities, good food, and of course, lest we forget, great beer!

Argonne Rose Brewing Company is honored to welcome you with open doors, arms, and full glasses.

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